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I rarely promote products not sold in our shop, but I just found the most perfect, for me and possibly for you, traveling cross stitching case and have to spread the news.

Smartree Hard-Sided Laptop Case

It is the Smatree hard-sided laptop case.**

It is obviously made as a case for a laptop, but it is a cross stitcher's dream. It is hard-sided and zippered all the way around to keep everything secure and neat when traveling to and fro.

The top half is great for keeping your paper pattern or your iPad/tablet, if that's how you roll. There is a stiff divider between the top half and the bottom half.

inside the top half of the Smatree laptop case

The real jewel of this case which makes it perfect for the needleworker on the go is the bottom half. It has three molded compartments for keeping your floss, needles, snips, etc organized and neat.

Everything will stay mostly in place as long as the divider is pressed onto the bottom half. Since I don't use a iPad or tablet, I just add a small quilt piece to pad the top half and keep the divider securely on top of the bottom half, but you could use any sort of fabric or foam piece to add that padding.

The case has a handle on top and also comes with an attachable shoulder strap.

This is the 12 - 14 " laptop compatible case, but they also make larger sizes.

I use this case every week and I want to jump for joy that I no longer have to worry about floss bobbins dropping out of the open tray in a tote bag that I used to use, and everything becoming a jumbled mess if I didn't keep the tote bag/tray upright and level.

** Disclaimer: the link to the product above is an affiliate link with Amazon and if you use the link to purchase the product I will get a tiny fee, but it does not effect the price that you pay. I'm a small business and every penny counts toward keeping the business going!

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