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I've been a stitcher from way back. I went through high school at a time when everyone was embroidering their jeans, shirts, jackets, and their boyfriend's boxer shorts. Jump forward a decade to imminent motherhood and I picked up needle and thread once again to cross stitch my first ever project - 16 panels of illustrations from the Peter Rabbit story that I then sewed into a quilt for my darling baby girl.

It was those 16 panels of cross stitching that did it. The dream to open an online shop dedicated to the desires of cross stitchers began to take shape with every “X” I stitched. I started buying boxes of DMC, bolts of cross stitching fabric, and requesting sample cross stitch charts. Oh, the grand plans I had.

But then motherhood and life in general took over, and while I continued to do a little cross stitch now and then, I turned my focus onto quilting, both traditional and art.

Jump several decades forward (who’s counting) and I was struck by cross stitching inspiration once again, this time in the form of my daughter’s watercolor illustrations. We decided to collaborate on a series for cross stitch designs and start a little side gig selling the charts in an Etsy shop. Well, as the number of charts grew and grew, along with my ideas for new designs, I thought, “now might be the moment to act on the long ago dream.” Remember, I still had all those boxes of DMC floss!

Marguerite’s Stitchery aims to inspire and to be the source of supplies to fulfill your inspirations, explorations, and ideas. We are a small but growing woman-owned business. Let us know how we can be of service and what are the must have or hard to find products you are looking for.

Happy Stitching – Kim Marguerite LaPolla